Body Wash Dispenser

Move slider up to open.
Rotate knob to dispense about 4.5 inches of body wash.
Lock slider to seal and tear body wash.
Wet body wash sheet and work into a lather using hands or your favorite loofah.
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Body wash refill roll

Pull top lid off using notch on bottom and remove small gear.
Place new body wash roll onto the middle post.
Pull end of body wash up through channel and below teeth, and add small gear back into place.
Snap lid back onto base and align with bottom section.
Get the temperature of the water just right, and enjoy your shower!
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Body wash sheets

Get the water just right and hop in the shower or bath.
Tear open the sachet with dry hands.
Drop the sachet to the bottom of your shower and let it dissolve.
Add a small amount of water to the body wash.
Get extra sudsy with a loofah, and wash away!
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